How a Solar Battery Works During a Blackout

Flashlight batteries and cases of water are selling out, and gas tanks are being filled as worried residents try to picture their lives in the dark for what could potentially be days. But there is an alternative. Home and business owners who make their own energy from the sun and store it in a solar battery don’t have to rely solely on an increasingly unstable conventional grid. With a solar battery system, you can store solar energy for use at night, during an outage, or to avoid peak demand charges. SunPower recently announced Equinox Storage—the first all-in-one residential solar plus ...

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You had questions about Going Solar…We have answers

There’s been a buzz about ‘going solar’ for a number of years, but you didn’t know if it would be a good decision for your home. You’ve probably had lots of questions about it but didn’t know who to ask. You’re not alone. So, let us give you some answers to help you in your quest for knowledge. Here are some common questions, along with our answers: 1) Why should I ‘go solar’? When you install a solar energy system on your property, you will not only save money on your electric bill and protect yourself against rising electricity costs, ...

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