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Solar vs. Wind Energy: Which Alternative Energy Source is Right for Your Home?

Incredible strides in renewable energy technologies are making alternative power sources more attainable than ever for American homeowners. Solar panels are now sleek and design-conscious. Incredibly efficient, greener batteries are making it possible to store the overbalance of solar and wind energy in homes. Technology upgrades, storage improvements, and equipment capabilities all contribute to more efficient power output and lower costs for systems. The affordability and viability of alternative sources of energy are enticing many new homeowners to add a solar or wind system to their homes. While both options are environmentally friendly and a smart way to lower energy costs, there ...

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Is Your House a Good Candidate for Solar?

If you’ve been considering adding a solar system to your home, do you even know if it’s a real option for you? At Evergreen Solar Solutions, we will help you evaluate your home to be sure that going solar will be the right decision for you. We’ll ask you a number of questions to get the right answer, like: 1) How much is your energy bill? If you live in an area with high electricity costs, solar may save you hundreds of dollars per month. A utility bill of $75 is the threshold at which residential solar customers will see ...

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Does Solar Panel Size Matter?

We put this important question—and a few related ones—to Isaac Opalinsky, SunPower's senior manager of training. Here's what he had to say about solar panel size, efficiency, and installation. Are the various solar panel sizes important for customers to consider? Size is a factor to consider in solar panels, but ultimately, the selection of a solar-powered system for a home for most homeowners is going to come down to efficiency and reliability, and SunPower's Maxeon panels are top-rated in both categories. 1 How are SunPower panels more efficient? I like to compare solar panels to windows. A solar panel's size is ...

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Estimate How Much Can You Save With Solar

We get asked, “How much do solar panels save?” every day. While yes, you will either greatly reduce or eliminate your electric bill, determining your total solar savings is influenced by several other factors, including how you finance your solar system and whether you take advantage of tax incentives such as the 30 percent federal investment tax credit, how much you currently pay for electricity, and whether you plan to sell your home. In general, the more photovoltaic (PV) solar energy you produce, the less electricity you have to buy from your utility company. That means your solar savings start ...

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Learn How to Go Solar

Solar power helps homeowners save money on energy bills, so if you’re dreading those high electricity bills this summer, you may want to find out: How do I go solar? It’s certainly a common question. Photovoltaic (PV) solar power is the fastest-growing type of energy in the world. In the U.S. alone, there are now 2 million rooftop solar systems on homes and businesses! Today, we’ll explain how to get solar panels on your house. FIND A SOLAR INSTALLATION COMPANY The first step is to find a solar company with experience in solar panel installations. Ask your neighbors who have ...

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