Solar Pool Heating

How Long Does it Take to Install a Solar Pool Heating System?

Typical residential systems take from one to three days to install. Systems mounted on the ground are more complex, and may take longer. Most of this time is spent outside of your house, so there is very little disturbance to you. Commercial systems take several weeks to over a month to install, depending upon size and type of installation.

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Are There Incentives for Buying Solar Pool Heating Equipment?

There are many incentives for purchasing a solar pool heating system. These benefits vary from state to state, but some common incentives include: Lower or fixed utility costs Better for our environment, less carbon emissions Little or no maintenance Solar equipment is more durable and lasts longer than traditional water heating equipment Extend your swimming season with enjoyable water temperature year round Remote site with no electric service An urgency to “go green” Higher resale value for your property* If I sell my property, will a solar pool heating system increase the sale price? Energy conservation and renewable generation adds ...

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Do I Need to Clean the Pool Panels Periodically?

Most of our customers do not clean their pool panels, because in most areas of the country, there is sufficient rain to clean the panels. However, if you are in a dusty area ( near a busy dirt road, in an urban area, etc.) you may see a performance gain from cleaning the panels monthly. If necessary, a hose stream is usually sufficient for cleaning. Do not walk on or over the panels to clean them. Do not use metal, hard, or abrasive methods for cleaning. Do not spray water on the panels when they are very hot.

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What Happens if the Panels are Shaded?

FAFCO solar pool panels should be installed in areas where they get significant, shade-free sun every day; even small amounts of shade can significantly reduce the output. Our designs and installations also seek to minimize the impact of any shade issues through selection of the proper equipment and good engineering. We can assist you in selecting the appropriate location during our initial consultation visit.

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