Solar Pool Heating

My Roof Will Soon Need to Be Redone. Should I Wait to Heat My Pool With Solar?

Our FAFCO Systems are installed in such a way that we can easily remove them and later reinstall them at a fraction of the original cost of the system. If the roof is repaired within the first year of the system’s installation, we do the work at no cost. Please contact us about our re-roofing service for more information.

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My Homeowners Association Seems to Preclude Installing Solar Panels. What Can I Do?

In 1992, the Florida State Legislature passed a law expressly forbidding Homeowners Associations and any other organization from prohibiting solar heating systems, in order to promote the benefits of using free, renewable energy. We are almost always able to design systems that are unobtrusive and satisfy the neighborhood organizations.

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How Effectively Will a Solar System Heat My Pool in the Winter?

FAFCO solar panels are rated the highest of any in the market by independent testing organizations. A properly designed system will allow Florida Solar to provide a written guarantee, ensuring that your pool water will be over 80°F for 10 months of the year. During the coldest weeks of the year (usually January) the air temperature is too cool for most people to enjoy swimming, so the average customer does not miss using their pool when the sun is too low in the sky to produce a really warm pool. The solar heated pool will typically be at least 12-15 ...

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