Getting The Most Value Out of Your Solar System

Generating power from the sun may be without cost, but the technology behind this process is not. The reality is that a solar system is a significant investment. Like purchasing a home, it has an upfront cost but pays off in the long term. A solar installation is a small construction project, with each module containing multiple parts to make everything work seamlessly. So, how will you know that taking a chance on clean energy solutions will be worthwhile? There are four key areas for homeowners to evaluate when determining which solar will be the right fit for them. ...

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What Should You Know When Choosing A Solar Installer?

Making the switch to photovoltaic (PV) solar power is a big change—an investment both financially and for the future. More people are doing it because they recognize solar power’s unique ability to save money in the long term and lessen their household’s impact on the environment. Do you know someone who has already installed solar? That person could tell you a lot about what they’ve learned and which company to recommend. Where can you get other recommendations? Homeowners can find helpful reviews online. is one of many great sources to use. What is a solar installer’s track record? Experience is key when it ...

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Solar Can Boost Your Home’s Value

CNBC’s Power The Future released a new study, based on Zillow data, on how much solar adds to the resale value of a home. Whenever a study like this hits the press, it’s all the buzz in the solar industry. Of all the financial benefits gained from going solar, how much a solar energy system adds to the resale value of a home has always been the most subjective, ambiguous, and oftentimes over-inflated or under-valued aspect of the financial analysis. When new studies come out, they are often used as blanket values by the solar industry. However, there are ...

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The Truth Behind Free Solar Ads: Uncovering Misleading Claims

Solar energy is a remarkable solution for individuals looking to save on electricity bills while contributing to a cleaner environment. However, like any rapidly growing industry, the solar sector is not immune to misleading advertising. Some of the common misleading claims you might have come across are ads offering "Free Solar Panels," with the implication that the government will cover the cost of your solar system. Here's a breakdown of the reality behind these claims and why they might not be as they appear: 1. The “Free” Misnomer: Many ads claim to offer free solar panels, but the reality is ...

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Riding The Solar Wave: Global Trends in 2023

The dawn of solar energy is here, painting a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable picture for our world. The year 2023 is witnessing an array of exciting trends in the solar industry, making solar technology more accessible and appealing to various segments of society. Here’s a roundup of the global solar trends that are making waves this year: 1. Unprecedented Growth in the US: The U.S. solar industry is booming, with a record expansion of 32GW anticipated in 2023. This surge represents a 52% growth compared to 2022, bouncing back from a 13% market contraction in the previous year. Governmental ...

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Supercharge Your Savings: The Power of Solar Battery Storage

The solar revolution doesn't stop at harnessing sunlight; it extends to storing this power for later use. With solar battery storage, you're not just generating clean energy; you're managing it smartly to maximize your savings. Here’s how solar battery storage can be a game-changer for your financial and environmental footprint: 1. Peak Shaving: Utility companies often charge higher rates during peak usage hours. With a solar battery, you can store solar energy generated during off-peak hours and use it when rates are high, saving you a significant amount on your electricity bills. 2. Energy Independence: Solar batteries enhance your energy ...

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Shining a Light on Solar Panel Recycling: Turning Waste into Opportunity

A concern for many homeowners and environmentally conscious citizens is the daunting task of recycling solar panels as they come to the end of their usable life. The solar industry is working on what could have become an undeniable problem, working on solutions that keep solar panels out of landfills and extend the use of their materials. Introduction Under the scorching Arizona sun, a graveyard for discarded solar panels in Yuma tells a tale of both progress and concern. The world's transition to clean energy has led to an influx of solar panels, but with their lifespans coming to an ...

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Embracing Solar Energy: Transforming Homes and Saving the Planet

At a time when homeowners are increasingly drawn to the allure of affordable and dependable renewable energy solutions, the prospect of generating one's own power has never been more appealing. The realm of alternative clean energy holds a wealth of advantages for those wanting to reduce utility costs, secure a steady stream of electricity, and contribute to the betterment of the environment. Renewables: An Economic and Ethical Imperative A particularly compelling advantage of the use of residential renewable energy is its substantial cost reduction. Solar energy, in particular, has garnered significant attention from environmentally conscious homeowners due to its accessibility. ...

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Avoiding Bad Solar Sellers: A Simple Guide

Solar energy is becoming popular, and many people are now switching to it to save money and help the environment. But, as in any growing industry, there are some dishonest sellers lurking. They are known as fly-by-night solar sellers. This blog will explain who these bad actors are and how you can avoid them. What Are Fly-By-Night Solar Sellers? They are solar sellers who are dishonest or 'represent' fake solar companies. They try to take advantage of people's interest in solar energy to make quick money. Here are some things they might do: Offer prices that are much lower than ...

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Does My Utility Bill Have Hidden Charges?

The Top 3 Solar Power Questions Homeowners Want Answered Our team at Evergreen Solar Solutions frequently fields questions from homeowners interested in adopting solar power. From straightforward inquiries like "What is solar energy?" to more complex ones such as "How efficient are solar panels?" we've compiled a list of the most common questions from those considering solar to lower their energy costs and carbon footprint. "Is solar energy free?" Unfortunately, some misleading advertisements suggest that solar power is free. This is not the case. However, numerous federal and local tax incentives can make solar more affordable. Homeowners who install a ...

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